Geami WrapPak Ex
replaces Geami GreenWrap ExBox





The Geami WrapPak EX is an all in one portable packaging solution! Geami designed the WrapPak EX to reduce costs and increase productivity, while decreasing your carbon footprint.

The Geami system arrives in a self-contained, compact, unexpanded configuration, reducing inbound shipping costs.

Geami is an easy choice over petroleum products such as Bubble, Air Pouches, Foam and Peanuts.

To top it off, Geami is proudly made in the USA.
We have been a Geami Authorized Distributor for 11 Years!

Geamiís GreenWrap is now Geami WrapPak EX. The combination of a patented expanding die-cut 50# Kraft Paper with a soft Interleaf Tissue results in a cost effective, protective packaging material that provides in the box protection for your shipping and handling.

The papers used to create Geami are either Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified or made using recycled content. Geami is biodegradable and 100% recyclable through your communityís recycling program.

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NEW Improved!Geami WrapPak® EX
Now wider, at 20", with a better tensioning and dispensing system. The yield for the new Geami WrapPak EX is an expanded 14" x 750'. The 15# Interleaf Tissue is 12" x 750'
The WrapPak EX dimensions are 23" x 19.25" x 8" and weight is 25 lbs.

Geami WrapPak EX
NEW Improved! Geami WrapPak® EX
Geami Presentation
Portable packaging, perfect presentation
& excellent cushioning for fragile items.
Brown or White Geami Paper
(Necks down to 14") x 750'

Note: If you provide your UPS or FedEx Account number and billing Zip at checkout, we will refund the shipping charges and ship Ground collect on your account.

NEW! WrapPak-EX Die Cut Color Options
Geami protective packaging material is offered to meet your shipping volume needs, so if you are with a large company that ships thousands of packages per day or a shop owner who ships a few packages per day, Geami has an eco-friendly protective packaging solution to fit your needs and save you money.
For larger volume users, Geami HV comes in longer 1,680' rolls and can be
dispensed with an electric or manual expander.

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