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Express Worldwide, Inc. has been offering top tier service to our customers, large and small, since 1999. Our product line mainly consists of USA Made Products. Sure, we can make a larger profit by selling imported stretch wrap, tape or pallet jacks, but that is not our main objective. Imported products usually have inferior quality and are sometimes downright dangerous, as well as having an enormous environmental impact.

We specialize in Custom Packaging Solutions and Ranpak/Geami GreenWrap - Green Friendly Sustainable Paper Packaging, which replaces petroleum based products such as bubble, foam, foam in place and packing peanuts that most often end up in a landfill, or worse yet, the Ocean. As business owners and business leaders, it is our responsibility to lead by example. If we do not do everything we can to save our planet and resources for future generations, we are leaving our children with our mess.

At Express, we recycle everything that can be recycled. We don't just have a cardboard recycling dumpster, we recycle all office paper, aluminum cans, glass, plastic, steel strapping, oil and antifreeze from our forklifts and trucks. These items are not picked up by any commercial trash companies that we are aware of, so we send our truck to a local recycling center. Do we have to? Absolutely not, but it is the right thing to do, so we do. Please do what you can too.

We can supply your packaging, industrial and safety supply needs, coast to coast, with our multiple shipping locations.

Please feel to contact us by phone or email with quote requests or to speak to a representative.

Thank you for your business, we do our best to feed our local and national economy and we could not do that without your patronage. Please buy USA made products, support America!

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