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Eagle T20CF-SM
Case Erector and Bottom Sealer for Small Cartons
Case Size
Length: 6.5" to 13"
Width: 4.5" to 15"
Height: 3.5 to 16"
* The cartons length and width added together cannot be greater than 18.25
Shown with Optional Powered Magazine

Eagel T20CF Case Erector & Sealer
Only $30,000.00
Optional Powered Magazine $4,700.00
Optional 4" Swivel & Locking Caster Kit $400.00
T20CF-L for larger cartons click here


The Eagle T20CF-SM (PM) is well suited for smaller spaces. The powered magazine (PM) automatically allows for continued operation. Designed like the Eagle T20CF only smaller. The Eagle T20CF-SM constructs and seals the carton bottom cover during operation. Total process time per carton is only 3 seconds! With the vertical storage system, cartons can be added at any time without stopping the machine. The Eagle T20CF-SM offers increased productivity and is suitable for various carton sizes and can be manually adjust in under 2 minutes. Eagle Case Erectors come with a 1-year warranty on non-wear parts.


Eagle offers a full line of industrial-grade case erectors. The Eagle T20CF-SM is designed with the operator in mind. With quick and easy case changeover capability, this machine is sure to be the workhorse of your packaging department. The Eagle T20CF -SMcomes standard with many features other manufacturers charge extra for.


5-Point industry-leading emergency stop and safety system
Fully enclosed machine with safety access doors
Tape head 2″ only
Fully automatic case folding and sealing
Fast and simple case adjustment
Low case warning alarm
Broken tape warning alarm
Easy to use 7″ color touch screen
Self-cleaning system
Up to 15 cases per minute




Power supply 110VAC/60Hz
Air Pressure 85 psi 14+ CFM
Tape Width 2"
Working Speed 0 to 15 cases/min
Case Size
Length: 6.5" to 13"
Width: 4.5" to 15"
Height: 3.5" to 16"

Machine Dimension (W x L x H) 86.6" x 80.7" x 53"
Machine weight 881.8 Lbs
Environment conditions
Humidity 98%
Temperature 32F to 104F

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