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Pallet PAC Plus MH 502 Horizontal Pallet Strapper

PAC Strapping Pallet PAC Plus MH 502 Horizontal Pallet Strapper
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Pallet PAC Plus MH502 inherits all of the advantages from Genesis PSS502, such as compact strapping head, direct drive technology with German-made DC motors, and electronic tension control. It can be positioned easily beside the load you want to strap without moving the pallet. Pallet PAC Plus MH502 provides a quick, ergonomic, and economical solution for low-volume horizontal pallet strapping applications. Also available in battery.


Dimensions: 44″L x 35″W x 111″H
Lance Length: 7 minimum x 86.6 maximum
Weight: 754 lbs.
Strap Type & Size: Polypropylene 3/8, 9mm 5/8, 15.5mm
Core Size: 88
Tension: 17 154 lbs.
Power Requirements: 110V, Single phase 50/60 Hz

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