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Pallet Load Profiles

A pallet can be loaded an infinite number of ways and will often vary from load to load. The positioning of the items on a pallet changes its vertical and/or horizontal profile. Depending on the horizontal and vertical edge profiles, a different stretch film or machine operation may be required.

Pallet Load Profile "A"
Type "A" loads have uniform horizontal and vertical edge profiles. The load footprint is nearly the same size as the pallet deck. There are few edges that can puncture the stretch wrap as it is being applied. These are the easiest loads to wrap.


Pallet Load Profile "B"

Type "B" loads do not have the same uniform vertical and horizontal edge profiles as Type "A" loads. The load pattern may be irregular and may not be the same size as the pallet deck. Edges that can puncture stretch wrap may exsist on these types of loads.
C Pallet Load Profile "C"

Type "C" loads vary from pallet to pallet. No two "C" loads will have the same vertical or horizontal edge profiles. Sharp edges will require additional stretch wrap management and a higher quality stretch film is recommended to handle this type of difficult load.
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