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Eagle Stretch Wrap Machines

Eagle 2000B
Best Seller
Eagle 1000A
Eagle 2000BE
Eagle 2000B  Eagle 1000B  Eagle 2000BE
Full Featured Semi-Automatic
250% Powered Pre-Stretch
5,000 lb. Cap.
Semi-Automatic with
250% Powered Pre-Stretch

3,500 lb. Cap.
Full Featured Semi-Automatic
120" Extended Mast
for Tall Pallets
Eagle 1000A Eagle 2000A Eagle 2000EB 
Eagle 1000A  Eagle 2000A   Eagle 2000EB 
Semi-Automatic with
Manual Pre-Stretch

Entry level 3500 lb.
Semi-Automatic with
Manual Pre-Stretch
Entry Level  5000lb.
Full Featured Semi-Automatic
78.5" Extended Base

for Oversize Pallets
Eagle 2000EB  Eagle 2000BWS  Eagle 2000F 
Eagle 2000EBT  Eagle 2000BWS  Eagle 2000F & FE 
Full Featured Semi-Automatic
Extended 120" Mast and 78.5" Base for tall & oversize loads
Full Featured Semi-Automatic Integrated Scale
for Maximum Efficiency
Fully Automatic
for Maximum Efficiency
Eagle 2200B  Eagle R2B2 

Machine Stretch Film
Made in USA
Eagle 2200B  Eagle R2B2  Machine Grade
Stretch Film
 Rotary Arm
No weight Limit
 Robotic Semi-Automatic
Stretch Wrap Machine

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