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Eagle 2000BE Extended 120" Mast Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

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Assembled in USA
Load Height up to 120"
Only $8,550.00
3 Year Parts Warranty!
Lifetime Technical Support
Free Standard Ramp

Stretch Wrap Machine Options
Item Description Price Add to order
Scale Option Eagle Stretch Wrap Machine Integrated Scale for 59" and 64" turntables -  LED Display  $3,800.00
Printer Zebra GK420D Thermal Printer/Mount/Integration & Programming 4 x 6" peel & stick labels w/ weight, date & time  $935.00
RAMP-EPJ Ramp for Electric Pallet Jack 110" - long x 50" wide  $1,075.00
RAMP-WS-HPJ Scale Option Ramp for Manual Pallet Jack Height Adjustable 59" long x 42" or 50" wide  $675.00
RAMP-WS-EPJ Scale Option Ramp for Electric Pallet Jack Height Adjustable 110" long x 50" wide  $1,200.00
ROPER Manual roping device for 20" film carriage  $730.00
AFCO Auto Film Cut Off - Automatically cuts film at end of wrap cycle - 60 gauge minimum thickness  $535.00
30" Film Carriage 30" film carriage/250% powered pre-stretch  $930.00
Black Photo Eye Upgraded Black Photo Eye Sensor (Part# RLK288H2000IRZ31116) For use with Black Products or Film  $490.00
Ultra Sonic Photo Eye Upgraded Ultra Sonic Photo Eye Sensor (Part# UC4000-L2-E6-V15) For use with metal drums, fencing and/or other voids  $790.00
Cold Weather Package

Thermostat controlled mini heater with fan & integration, that is good down to 20 degrees F

ITS ITS Increased Turntable Speed from 12 RPM to 14 RPM $150.00
Eagle Control Panel
Auto Film Cut Option
Scale Option
Scale Option with Zebra Printer
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The Eagle 2000BE series stretch wrapper is assembled in the USA and features an extended height mast for taller loads. With an economical price, efficient design and quality craftsmanship, you can't go wrong. This stretch wrapper is priced below many other models without the some of the same features such as a chain driven turntable, as well as a Standard Pallet Jack Loading Ramp included at no additional cost! The Eagle 2000 series stretch wrapper features a powered* pre-stretch unit to maximize film efficiency. Using an electronic photo eye, the Eagle 2000 automatically recognizes load height and adjusts carriage travel to create an effective wrap cycle. The turntable offers a soft start and soft stop feature to ensure gentle handling of the load being wrapped. The turntable resets itself automatically upon completion of each load. The available features provide for increased production and a cost per load savings that can easily justify owning an Eagle 2000 series stretch wrapper.

• Extended mast height for taller loads
• Free Standard Pallet Jack Ramp
• Semi-Automatic or Manual Operation
• Powered Prestretch (250%)
• PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
• LCD Display with Integrated Controls
• ALHS (Automatic Load-Height Sensor)
• Automatic Turntable Reset to Home Position
• Soft Start/Stop Turntable
• Handles Pallet Load Profiles A, B, & C

5 Programmable Wrap Modes

1. Auto mode: Hit start button and the machine will wrap based on the pre-set numbers. Bottom wraps 1-9, top wraps 1-9, film over lay 2-4 inches.

2. Manual mode: You control turntable button 1, film carriage up button 2 and down button 3. You can also stop the film carriage in the middle of the pallet if you want to apply extra film on the middle of the pallet. This mode is good for loads lower than the photo eye or where you want to use different wraps than in auto mode.

3. Slow mode: This mode good for very light loads. It distinguishes the pre-stretch and force to load on the wrap up. This wrap stabilizes load. On the way down the pallet is wrapped according to the settings in the auto mode.

4. Single wrap: Just wraps on up cycle according to settings on auto mode and then the film carriage goes down, but does not wrap.

5. Top wait mode: Up cycle is wrapped according to auto mode. Once the film carriage reaches the top of the pallet it stops. Then the plastic wrap or corrugated sheet is put on the pallet. You hit the start button and film carriage wraps on the way down.


Power Supply 110VAC/60Hz
1 hp Variable Frequency Drive Motor
Turntable Speed 12 RPM
Turntable Diameter 59”
Turntable Height 3-1/8”
Turntable Diagonal 80”
Mast Height 126.5”
Max. Load Weight 5,000lbs
Min. Load Height 22"
Max. Load Height 120”

Stretch Film 20”**
Dimensions 96.5” x 59” x 130”
Weight 1,460 lbs
High-Speed Model Available!
**30" film carriage available upon request
  Available Options

Turntable Loading Ramp*
- Standard Duty
- Heavy Duty
*for 59" & 78" turntables
Porch Extensions
- Minimum Length 10"
- Maximum Length 40" Film Carriage
- 30" Carriage (250%)
- 30" Carriage (100%)
- 20" Carriage (250%)
- 20" Carriage (100%)
- 20" Carriage (Manual)

Load-Height Sensor
- Infrared
- Digital Laser

Roping Pallet System

Pressure Mat Switch

Scale Integration

- Stop Brackets (no hit)
Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage 2000 Scale Option Control Panel
Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage (250%) Intuitive Control Panel with Optional Scale Display
Eagle 1000B Motor Turntable Base
1 hp Variable Frequency Drive Motor Reliable Chain Driven Soft Start/Stop Turntable
Scale Display Scale Printer
Scale Option Weight Display Optional Scale Printer
Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage will save you money on Film with up to 250% Pre-Stretch

2000B Carriage
Reliable Chain Driven Turntable, no belt to slip or break like many of the other brands.

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Eagle 2000 Setuip Instructions
Customer Testimonials

"We have had the Stretch Wrapper now for several months and we could not be happier.
The machine works flawlessly and our warehouse staff loves it as they can shrink our goods on pallets in no time without breaking a sweat or getting dizzy running around with a handshrinker.
Thank you also for your great and extremely fast customer service in terms of switching the regular photo-eye to the one for black shrink film. The exchange was a piece of cake and it works like a charm.
Again, thank you for everything, a great machine, great service and a very, very competitive price for the unit.
I will not hesitate a moment to recommend you to anybody who needs a shrink-wrap machine." Eagle 2000B

"Our efficiency has increased at least 25% over hand wrapping" Eagle 2000K
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